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Integrity and Accountability Hotline

Dear colleagues,

As members of the University community, we must remain committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where each individual is valued and respected, and where we uphold values of integrity, honesty and ethical conduct. One tool we have available to help in this effort is the Integrity and Accountability Hotline, formerly the Ethics and Compliance Hotline, which was recently updated.

The Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available for all faculty and staff at or (866) 447-9821. It is a simple, anonymous method for reporting unethical conduct. You will see new posters displayed in common areas with the hotline’s contact information as a quick reference.

Please note: The hotline does not replace other methods of reporting, and the University strives to ensure you can approach your supervisor or manager should an issue arise. However, in situations where conventional channels become unsuitable, or if you prefer to report anonymously, please remember that the UM System Integrity and Accountability Hotline is available to you.


Mun Y. Choi
President, UM System

Reviewed 2019-03-25