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Reaffirming our commitment to safety, accountability and respect

Dear University community,

As we welcome the fall semester, it’s important we each consider how to make our campus environments even safer and more inclusive for our colleagues and those we serve. Doing so can only help us achieve our goals and bring us closer to excellence.

To help support these efforts, please refresh your memory on the topics listed below and complete three action items, which include:

  • Update your emergency contact information
  • Complete annual mandatory training by Sept. 30
  • Self-identify in cooperation with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity efforts
On-Campus Safety and Security

A safe and secure campus is one on which we can all work and learn more readily. The actions you should take to keep yourself safe in the event of an active shooter depend on your situation to the threat. When an alert is received and you are on campus, or if you have not received an alert but hear the sound of gunfire, determine if you should:

  • Run - Get away from the shooter(s). Leave your things behind and run. If safe, warn others nearby. When out of danger, call 911.
  • Hide - If you can’t get away safely, hide. Get out of the shooter’s view and stay quiet. Silence devices, lock/block doors and turn off lights. Don’t hide in groups— spread out or hide separately until law enforcement gives you instructions.
  • Fight – A last resort. Act decisively and aggressively. Distract and disarm the shooter if you can by using makeshift weapons or heavy objects.

When an alert is received and you are off campus, do not come to campus.

Please take this opportunity to update your emergency contact information via myHR (My Personal Details tab > Emergency Contacts link in the left-hand menu).

Annual Mandatory Training

In order to better protect and empower our community, some members of our University are required to complete annual online courses based on institutional commitments and concerns. As a faculty or staff member, you are required to complete compliance training courses between August 15 and September 30, 2019. Required courses include, but are not limited to: Discrimination Prevention and Title IX, Campus Alert Training and MakeITSafe Training.

All required trainings are hosted in myLearn. To begin, access myLearn, sign in and select the “Learning Plan” icon and launch your required training directly from your Learning Plan page. You and your supervisor will receive reminder emails until your requirements are complete.

Accountability and Integrity Hotline

Our University seeks to empower all members of our community by promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity. If you witness or experience inappropriate behaviors, policy or regulatory non-compliance, safety issues, financial misconduct or any other unethical activity or concerns, please report it to the Integrity and Accountability Hotline at or (866) 447-9821. This hotline is managed by a third party to maintain anonymity and confidentiality. All reports are taken seriously and retaliation is not tolerated.

Claims of discrimination or harassment based on protected class, including claims of sexual misconduct, should be directed to the Title IX Coordinators/Equity Officers at your university.

Commitment to Equal Opportunity

As a reminder, the UM System upholds the highest standards and principles of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity and complies with all federal, state and local laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, genetic information, disability or protected veteran status. The UM System is required by federal law to ask those who work at the University to update their information regarding disability status every five years. We also invite you to self-identify for the purposes of federally-required record keeping, reporting and planning.

This self-identification is strictly voluntary and confidential. We invite you to self-identify via myHR, where you can also find additional information. (My Personal Details tab > Ethnic Groups, Disability or Veteran Status links in the left-hand menu).

Thank you for your dedication to our University community. Together, I know we can create an environment that serves as a model for safety, accountability and respect.           


Mun Choi,
President, UM System

Reviewed 2019-10-15